Prices Realized in 2009 Central States Heritage Auction

Editorís Note: Editorís Note: The following coins were featured in the April-May 2009 Cincinnati, OH (CSNS) US Coin Auction #1124.

Amazing 1794 V-2, LM-2 Half Dime, Specimen-65 NGC


1807 10C --Curved Clipped Planchet--MS66 PCGS


1795 $1 Flowing Hair, Two Leaves MS65 NGC


1795 $1 Flowing Hair, Silver Plug AU50 PCGS


1851 DT$1 Dollar, Judd-132 Restrike, Pollock-159, Low R.7, PR63 Brown PCGS

Reserve Not Met

1879 $1 Schoolgirl Dollar, Judd-1609, Pollock-1805, Low R.7, PR63 Red Cameo NGC


1879 $4 Coiled Hair Four Dollar, Judd-1639, Pollock-1839, Low R.7, PR65 Gilt NGC


1880 $4 Flowing Hair Four Dollar, Judd-1658, Pollock-1858, Low R.7, PR64 Brown NGC


1885 $10 Ten Dollar, Judd-1755, Pollock-1968, R.8, PR66 NGC


1921-S $1 Morgan Dollar--Double Struck, Second Strike 90% Off Center--AU58 PCGS


Undated Indian Cent--Full Brockage Obverse--MS64 Brown PCGS


2007-D Cent--Struck on a Struck Dime--MS66 PCGS


(2007-D) 10C Roosevelt Dime--Deep Reverse Die Cap--MS62 PCGS


1993 Washington Quarter--Struck Five Times on Aluminum Feeder Finger Tip--MS64 PCGS


1999-P 25C New Jersey Quarter--Struck on a Nickel Planchet--AU58 PCGS


1972-D $1 Eisenhower Dollar--Struck on a Philippine Piso Planchet--MS63 NGC


1836 P2C Two Cents, Judd-54, Pollock-57, Low R.6, PR64 Brown NGC


1849 P3CS Three Cent Silver, Judd-114, Pollock-128, Low R.7, PR64 NGC


1853 P1C One Cent, Judd-151, Pollock-178, Low R.6, PR65 NGC


1871 $5 Five Dollar, Judd-1170, Pollock-1312, High R.7, PR65 Red and Brown NGC


1879 10C Morgan Ten Cents, Judd-1589, Pollock-1782, R.7, PR65 Red and Brown NGC


1962-D 1C Lincoln Cent--Full Brockage Reverse--AU53 PCGS


1964-D 1C Lincoln Cent--On Silver 10C Planchet--AU55 ANACS


ND 5C Liberty Head Nickel--Full Late Stage Brockage--XF45 PCGS


1901 10C Barber Dime--Struck 10% Off Center--AU53 PCGS


1964 25C Washington Quarter--25C Struck On a 10C Planchet 2.5 Grams--MS64 NGC


2002-D 25C Mississippi Quarter--Struck on Elliptical--MS65 PCGS


1967 50C Kennedy Half--Obverse Clad Layer Miss.-9.4g--AU58 PCGS


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