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Al Levy

Off Center Mint Error Sales

A 1c 1961 “P” closed for $370 before the end of June. Most collectors on eBay do not realize how scarce certain date and mintmark off centers are. Collectors of date sets have known for years how rare this particular date is. It has been on their want lists for (not years) but decades. A major requirement for date collectors is that they show a full date and mintmark (or, mintmark area). Anything less will command a smaller price.

Scan through the back issues of Mint Error News Magazine to look up prices realized for the following dates: 1961, 1974-S, 1969. The value of any new example that becomes available for sale may not be comparable with the previous listings. The percentage the coin is off center and the coin’s grade may be way different than what the new coin sold for. Therefore, comparing prices on these charts should be utilized as a guide only. What if the previous reported sale price sold because the seller listed it as a “Buy it now”? Or, the lot was mis-described? There are numerous factors to consider when reading charts. One major thing to consider is that my charts show sales of coins sold exclusively on eBay.

The date collector knows the true market for most dates. They do not only following the market on eBay. Their want lists are in the hands of the dealers. They frequent shows and solicit dealers’ error lists. How much money would it cost if a 1c 1970-S small date surfaces? In the 30 years of my being an error dealer, I have never seen one. But, I heard they exist??

Here are records of recent sales of off-center mint errors on eBay from January 1, 2009 to March 31, 2009.

1. All lots had buyers. If the coins actually changed hands is unknown.
2. A picture accompanied each lot or it was not recognized.
3. Mislabelled items were ignored.
4. Some lots may have changed hands more than once.
5. “D” next to the date symbolizes that the coin had damage or was scratched.
6. “C” next to the date symbolizes that the coin was cleaned.
7. “B” next to the date symbolizes that the coin had damage and was cleaned.
8. If the date or mint mark was missing, parentheses were used.
9. Postage/handling/insurance fees were ignored.
10. Major auctions were not listed.

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