Mint Errors Featured in Heritage Galleries Auction at Central States

Editorís Note: The following coins are in the April 2008 Rosemont, IL (CSNS) Signature Coin Auction #1104.

1999-P Nickel Mated Error Pair - Die Cap and Broadstrike MS66 and MS62

Matched Error Pair 1967 Quarters - Broadstruck, Reverse Struck Through Clad Layer MS62 and MS64

1976 Bicentennial Kennedy Half--Struck Four Times on 10 gn Scrap--MS64 PCGS

1921 $1 Peace Dollar--Broadstruck--MS60 NGC

1970-D Lincoln Cent--Obverse Die Cap Struck on a Dime Planchet--MS66 NGC

Undated Roosevelt Dime--Reverse Half of Clad Layer--PR67 NGC

Undated Lincoln Memorial Cent--Reverse Die Cap on Dime Planchet--MS66 NGC

Undated Washington Quarter--Reverse Die Cap on a Dime Planchet--MS67 NGC

1964 Jefferson Nickel--Multiple Struck, Deep Die Cap--MS63 PCGS

P-Mint Statehood Quarter--Double Struck Die Cap--MS64 PCGS

1964 Kennedy Half--Struck 30% Off Center, Cupped--MS64 PCGS

1903 $1 --Struck Twice in Collar With Overlap--XF45 PCGS

1998 Lincoln Cent Mated Pair - Deep Die Cap, Cupped Brockage, MS64 PCGS

Undated Philadelphia SBA Dollar--Struck 35% Off-Center on a Proof Planchet--MS65 NGC

1865 3CN --Flipover Double-Strike In Collar--MS61 NGC

1973-D 10C --Struck on a Philippine 10 Sentimos Planchet--AU58 NGC

1986 $1 Silver Eagle--Struck Through Sand Disk--MS64 PCGS

1835 10C --Flipover Double Strike, First Strike Off-Center--XF40 ANACS

1965 5C SMS--Struck 5% Off-Center--MS64 PCGS

1997-P 10C --Struck on a Coreless Clad Planchet--AU55 ICG

1877-S T$1 --Partial Collar Strike--AU55 PCGS

1872 Indian Round 50 Cents, BG-1049, R.4--Reverse Struck Twice in Collar--MS63 PCGS

1937 50C --Struck Twice in Collar, No Rotation--AU58 PCGS

1944-P Jefferson Nickel--Struck on a Copper-Nickel Planchet--VF30 PCGS

1921-S Morgan Dollar--Double Struck, Second Strike 90% Off Center--AU58 PCGS

1951 Washington Quarter--Struck on a 1951 Lincoln Cent--MS66 Brown NGC

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