Mint Errors & Die Trials Featured In Upcoming FUN Heritage Auction

Editor's Note: The following coins are featured in the upcoming 2010 January Orlando, FL FUN US Coin Auction #1136.

1905 Indian Cent--Struck on a Quarter Eagle Planchet--MS64 PCGS

1993-D Lincoln Cent--Struck with Dime Reverse Die--MS65 Red PCGS

1995 Roosevelt Dime--Struck With Cent Obverse Die--MS64 NGC

1944 Cent--Struck on a Zinc-Plated Steel Planchet--AU55 PCGS

1944-D Cent--Struck on a Zinc-Coated Steel Planchet--AU53 PCGS

1976-D Bicentennial Quarter--Struck on a Cent Planchet--MS67 Red and Brown NGC

Mated Pair of 1970-S Jefferson Nickel Errors MS67 NGC

1898 Indian Cent--Double Struck 2nd Strike 10% Off Center--AU55 NGC

ND Jefferson Nickel--55% Off Center on 90% Sliver 10C PL 2.5G--MS61 NGC

Undated Jefferson Nickel--Struck 70% Off-Center on Copper Cent Planchet--MS64 Red and Brown PCGS

1942 Cent, Judd-2060, Pollock-4035, Low R.7, MS62 NGC

1837 Reeded Edge Bust Half Dollar--Struck 5% Off Center--AU58 NGC

1942 One Cent, Judd-2054, Pollock-2074, High R.7, MS61 NGC

1962 Franklin Half--Struck on a Cent Planchet--MS61 Red and Brown NGC

1944 Lincoln Cent--Struck on a Philippines 5 Centavos Planchet--MS62 PCGS

1958 Lincoln Cent--Struck on Cuba 1C Blank 2.2 Grams, Whizzed--NCS. Unc Details

1976 Clad Bicentennial Quarter--Reverse Struck Through Dime Planchet--MS63 PCGS

Undated Kennedy Half Dollar--Struck Twice, Second Strike 65% Off-Center, Chain Edge--MS65 NGC

Undated Clad Washington Quarter--Obverse Die Cap With Double Strike--MS66 NGC

1997-D Kennedy Half Dollar--Struck 45% Off Center--MS64 NGC

195X Washington Quarter--On T-1 10C Planchet 2.5 Grams--AU55 NGC

ND Washington Quarter--90% Silver Die Adjustment Strike--MS60 NGC

2001 Lincoln Cent--Double Struck Obverse Die Cap--MS64 Brown NGC

1944 --On a Zinc-Plated Steel Planchet, Corrosion--NGC. XF Details

1998 Lincoln Cent--Struck on a 1997-P 10C--MS67 NGC

1999 Lincoln Cent--Obverse Die Cap--MS67 Red NGC

1869 One Cent, Judd-669, Pollock-745, High R.7--Double Struck, Second Strike 95% Off Center--MS60 PCGS

1868 Three Cent Nickel--Obverse Lamination--PR65 Cameo NGC

Five-Piece 1943 Experimental Cent Collection NGC

1. A blank planchet for a zinc coated steel cent, Type One

2. 1942 Judd-2054 AU55 NGC

3. A copper-coated steel blank, Type One

4. 1943 Lincoln cent. AU58 NGC

5. A blank planchet for a zinc-coated steel cent, Type One

C.1967 General Motors Cent, P-4060, Control Code 27-L AU58 Brown NGC

1893 Indian Cent--Reverse Brockage--AU55 NGC

Undated Lincoln Memorial Cent--Struck on Bowtie Scrap Planchet--MS64 Red and Brown NGC

1969-D Washington Quarter--Struck Fragment--MS62 ANACS

1943 Lincoln Cent--Struck on a Silver Dime Planchet--XF45 PCGS

2009-D Polk Presidential Dollar--Die Adjustment Strike--NGC

1971-D Jefferson Nickel--Multi Struck on 1C Planchet 3.2 grams--MS62 Brown NGC

1985-P Roosevelt Dime--Multi Plan Chet Obverse Die Cap 2.26 grams--MS66 NGC

1900 Liberty Nickel--Struck on Nicaragua 5 Centavo--AU50 PCGS

1971-D Jefferson Nickel--Struck on Phil 25 Sent Plan--AU58 PCGS

1973-S Roosevelt Dime--Double Struck Both Off Center--PR67 PCGS

1982 Lincoln Cent--S.D. Struck on 10C Planchet--MS65 PCGS

1997-P Roosevelt Dime--Matched Set Coin #1--MS64 PCGS and a Roosevelt Dime--Matched Set Coin #2--MS63 PCGS

1999 Lincoln Cent--2 Pc. Bonded Die Cap--MS63 Red PCGS

2000 Lincoln Cent--Mated Pair Con #1--MS65 Red PCGS and a Lincoln Cent--Mated Pair Coin #2--MS64 Red PCGS

1910 Indian Quarter Eagle--Struck 3% Off Center--AU58 PCGS

1906 Liberty Nickel--Struck on a Cent Planchet--AU50 PCGS

1921-S Morgan Dollar--Struck 5% Off Center--AU58 PCGS

1979-P SBA Dollar--Struck on a Quarter Planchet--AU55 NGC

1851 Dollar, Judd-132 Restrike, Pollock-159, Low R.7, PR63 Brown PCGS. CAC

1879 Morgan Ten Cents, Judd-1588, Pollock-1781, High R.6, PR67 NGC. CAC

1876 Gold Dollar, Judd-1478, Pollock-1631, R.8, PR64 Brown PCGS. CAC

1871 Gold Dollar, Judd-1161, Pollock-1303, R.8, PR64 Brown NGC

1852 Gold Dollar, Judd-140, Pollock-167, Low R.7, PR65 PCGS. CAC

1960-D Franklin Half--Struck on a Quarter Planchet--AU58 PCGS

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