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Jim Archibald
EW Founder

Around The World - Updating Activity In & Around Error World

As the end of the year approaches, it has been very busy throughout EW Groups. Here are the current statistics...

EW1 - Error World - 420 members
EW2 - Error World 2 - 436 members
EW3 - Variety Coins - 191 members
EW4 - U.S.Coin Collecting - 433 members
EW5 - World Coin Collecting - 118 members
Total - 1,598 Error World Members

Our MSN Groups have gone on the offensive against the recent surge of people joining to advertise pornographic sites. Since the last issue, we have had two coin groups shut down due to this recent attack by spammers. EW has a very strict antispam policy and bans any member who joins one of our groups to post advertising of any kind. To date, itís a war we are winning. Both Collectables and Coins and World Coins and Currency are now shut down, and another group called US COINS is currently under investigation and should be shut down shortly. All Error World Groups are designed to be for the whole family, and we will not put up with any questionable behavior from new members.

On October 12th we were all informed that legendary Morgan variety specialist Pete Bishal passed away from an apparent heart attack while attending a coin show in New York. Pete was a long time EW member and a former CONECA officer. Pete was a character alright, one heck of a nice guy, who loved to raise heck. He will be dearly missed by everyone that knew him.

Remember, Error World Groups are 100% free and we have loads of free prizes for active members. No dues means we do for you instead of you doing for us. In EW we have a saying, Ēwe donít want your hard earned money!Ē so if your actively looking for a good coin club come check us out, youíll be glad you did.

Error World Medal update... The winners in our first EW Medal design contest will be announced in the next issue of Mint Error News! Donít miss a single issue!

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