Prices Realized in the 2010 Boston ANA Heritage Auction

Editor's Note: The following coins were in the 2010 August Boston, MA Signature ANA Coin Auction #1143.

1915 P50C Panama-Pacific Half Dollar in Gold, Judd-1960, formerly Judd-1793, Pollock-2031, High R.8, PR64 NGC

1943-S 5C Jefferson Nickel--Struck on a Steel Cent Planchet--MS66 Six Full Steps NGC

Unique 1838 Restrike Gobrecht Dollar, Judd-84 Struck Over an 1859 Seated Dollar, PR64

1827 25C Quarter Dollar, Judd-48, Pollock-49, High R.7, PR65+ Red and Brown NGC

1866 5C Shield Five Cents, Judd-531A, Pollock-596, R.8, PR62 PCGS

1868 $5 Dual Denomination $5-25 Francs, Judd-656, Pollock-729, Low R.7, PR66 Brown NGC

1875 G$1 Gold Dollar, Judd-1433, Pollock-1576, R.8, PR64 Cameo NGC

1849 Ten Dollar Pattern by Bouvet, Judd-Appendix C-1849-1, Pollock-5075-1, R.8, MS61 Brown NGC

1875 G$1 Gold Dollar, Judd-1432, Pollock-1575, High R.7, PR62 Gilt NGC

1874 1C Indian Cent--Struck 40% Off Center--MS63 Brown NGC

Undated Jefferson Nickel--Struck 50% Off Center on a Defective Cent Planchet--MS63 Red and Brown NGC

Undated Jefferson Nickel--Struck 35% Off Center on a Silver Dime Planchet--MS63 NGC

Undated Jefferson Nickel--Saddle Struck on a Dime Blank--MS64 NGC

Undated Jefferson Nickel--Double Struck, Saddle Struck on a Cent Blank--MS64 Red NGC

Undated Jefferson Nickel--Struck 70% Off Center on a Clad Planchet With a Straight Clip--MS64 NGC

Five Jefferson Nickels Struck on Scrap MS64 to MS65

Undated Jefferson Nickel--Multiple Struck with Multiple Obverse Indents--MS66 NGC

Mated Error Pair of 1941 Jefferson Nickels

Undated Jefferson Nickel--Struck on a 1960 Peru 5 Centavos--MS67 NGC

1965 5C Jefferson Nickel--Foldover Strike--MS64 NGC

1968-S 5C Jefferson Nickel--Struck on a 1968-S Cent--MS67 Red NGC

1974 Nickel Struck on a 1973 Nickel Housed in a 1974 Philadelphia Mint Set

(1977) 5C Jefferson Nickel--Overstruck on a 1977 Dime--MS67 NGC

1977-D 5C Jefferson Nickel--Obverse Die Cap--MS67 Six Full Steps NGC

1979 5C Jefferson Nickel--Struck on a Steel Washer--MS64 NGC

1980-D 5C Jefferson Nickel--Struck 50% Off Center on a Dime Planchet--MS67 NGC

1981-P 5C Jefferson Nickel--Bonded Pair--MS65 NGC

1983-D 5C Jefferson Nickel--Struck on a Bronze Cent Planchet--MS64 Red NGC

1984-P 5C Jefferson Nickel--Double Struck on a Clad Dime Blank--MS64 NGC

1985-D 5C Jefferson Nickel--Indented By Dime Planchet--AU58 NGC

1987-P 5C Jefferson Nickel--Struck on Clad Stock--AU58 NGC

1991-P 5C Nickel--Overstruck on a 1990-P Dime--MS64 NGC

1999-P 5C Jefferson Nickel--Multiple Struck Bonded Planchet, Reverse Split Die--MS67 NGC

1999-P 5C Jefferson Nickel--Multiple Struck on End of Feeder Finger--MS65 Six Full Steps NGC

2000-P 5C Jefferson Nickel--Flipover Double Struck on a Cent Planchet--MS66 Red NGC

2000-D 5C Jefferson Nickel--Overstruck on a 2000-D Cent--MS68 Red NGC

Undated Jefferson Nickel--Obverse Die Break at 4:00--PR67 NGC

1970-S 5C Jefferson Nickel--Struck on a Dime Planchet--PR64 NGC

Undated Washington Quarter 25C --Double Denomination on 1963 Dime--MS64 PCGS

2003-P 25C Illinois State Quarter--Struck on Five Cent Planchet--MS66 NGC

196?-D 50C Franklin Half--Struck on a Struck Cent--MS65 Red and Brown NGC
Reserve Not Met

(2)1975-D 1C Lincoln Cents--Mated Pair Coin # 1/2 and # 2/2--MS62-64 Brown and Red and Brown NGC

Undated Jefferson Nickel Punched Strip

Undated Jefferson Nickel Copper-Nickel Stock

Undated Jefferson Nickel--Edge Strike on Planchet--NGC

Undated Jefferson Nickel--Struck Off Center on Copper-Nickel Alloy Scrap--MS66 NGC

Undated Jefferson Nickel--Struck on Bowtie and Straight Clip Planchet--MS66 NGC

1941-D Jefferson Nickel--Broadstruck--MS66 Full Steps NGC

1970-S Jefferson Nickel--Struck 65% Off Center--MS66 NGC

Post-1979 Philadelphia Mint Jefferson Nickel--Struck 45% Off Center on a Clad Quarter Layer with Clip--MS65 NGC

1993-P Jefferson Nickel--Struck on a Defective Clad Planchet 2.5 GR--MS65 NGC

Mated Pair of 1996 Jefferson Nickels--Struck 60% Off Center--MS66 NGC

Mated Pair of 1999-P Jefferson Nickels NGC

1976-D Kennedy Half--Double Struck Both Strikes Off Center/ 40% And 90% Off Center--MS66 NGC

1871 Three Cent Nickel--Struck on Cent Stock--MS62 Brown NGC

1866 Shield Nickel With Rays Error Struck on a Cent Planchet XF45 PCGS
Reserve Not Met

1905 Dime Struck on a Costa Rica 5 Centavo Planchet XF40 NGC
Reserve Not Met

1920 Quarter--Struck on a Peru 20 Centavos Planchet--MS60 Full Head NGC
Reserve Not Met

1972-S Quarter Struck on a 1953 Italian 10 Lire PR63 PCGS
Reserve Not Met

2000-P Sacagawea Dollar--Struck on a Susan B. Anthony Planchet--MS66 PCGS

2008-P Presidential Dollar--Lettered Edge Type Two Planchet--MS62 PCGS
Reserve Not Met

1893-O Liberty Eagle--Broadstruck Out of Collar--AU58 PCGS
Reserve Not Met

(1860) Five Dollar, Judd-A1860-6, Unique, MS64 Brown NGC

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