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Martin Wettmark

Highlights From My Collection of Swedish Error Coins

This is a journey through my Swedish collection of error coins. When I started to collect error coins in Sweden 20 years ago I did not know of any other collector of such coins in Sweden. I was sometimes met with the attitude that these coins did not actually count, they were misfits and people should not collect them. After some years I realized, through the contact with Arnold Margolis and ECTM, that this was a respectable way of collecting coins with its concepts, literature and tradition.

Double Strikes

This one shilling is one of my nicest errors. As you see it is a flip-over double-strike. The interesting thing is that the two images of this coin are almost identical. I bought this coin from a US dealer in Texas that also had some other nice errors for sale. Generally it is very hard to find good Scandinavian error coins in US.

Another double-strike I want to share is this 1/16 Riksdaler from 1855 which is off-center double-strike. Better errors on Swedish silver coins are very hard to find.

Here are two more double-strikes from the same period of Gustav VI Adolf period, one 2 Ore 1966 with a flip-over double-strike and one 5 Ore (no date) off-center double-struck.

Off-Center Strikes

Here are some 1 Kroner Off-Center Errors from 1875 1973. In the middle is an off center struck 2 Kroners coin from 1953 from Gustav VI Adolf. This is the only known off-center 2 Kroner coin!

The quality control at the Swedish Mint is very strict regarding higher denominations. Here is an off-center struck 1 Ore 1858 from the reign of Oscar I with nice brown color.

Brockage Strikes

Another kind of error that is very sought after also by Swedish collectors are brockage strikes. Pictured below are two capped die strikes.

The 1 Krona from Gustav Vís period is the only known incused or brockage struck silver crown coin. Notice that both coins have expanded opposite sides.

Planchet Errors

Continuing this journey through my Swedish collection I want to show some planchet errors. First is a 1 Kroner 1943 struck on an iron metal 2 Ore planchet.

Next is a 5 Ore 1968 struck on a 2 Ore planchet off-center.

The third is a Kronor 1997 struck on a Finnish 5 Mark planchet.

The last planchet error is a funny coin. It is a Ĺ Ore from 1858 which has lost a piece of the planchet. This indicates that the error was created during the striking and it is strange that it did not fall away from the coin.

Error collecting in Sweden has expanded and today there are hundreds of collectors. There are also two books written about error coins. If someone wants to give feedback on this article or has any questions on Swedish errors, feel free to send me an e-mail.

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