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Martin Wettmark

Highlights From My World Error Collection

For many years I have been interested in building up a collection of world error coins. I prefer major errors and I find it fascinating to try to find at least one error coin from each nation. To this day I have approximately 160 different nations in my collection. 110 of these are from existing nations. One advantage with this way of collecting is that you don't need to spend so much money on each coin. Sometimes I find quite attractive errors from ”odd” nations. It is also nice to get in touch with collectors from around the globe through the internet in my hunt for errors. In this article I will share some of my findings and show coins that didn't cost much but in my opinion, could be very rare and interesting.

This coin from Kenya has an indent from another edge rim.

Another error I like to show is the Western Samoa coin with an indent from an off-center struck coin!

How often do you find such an error on US coins?

This 1942 Third Reich 5 Pfennig is a flipover off-center double strike.

It is another of my favorites. Major errors from the Third Reich era is very hard to find due to very strict control at the German Mints. When we speak of coins from totalitarian regimes I also think the Soviet 10 Kopek from 1946 is nice.

As you can see it is a coin with two off-center strikes with an indent from another planchet!

Quite early in my collecting of world errors I understood that there were two nations where errors were very hard to find, Switzerland and Japan. The Swiss society (social, business, commerce) plays a central role in the banking system. In the case of Japan, its culture is extremely efficient and few mistakes are tolerated.

This Swiss coin has an indent similar to the coin from Kenya.

The Japanese error is a 2 Sen Brockage from the 1900-century.

Here is a French coin double-struck with two heads.

And the ˝ Puffin coin from the British island Lundy has an indent from an unstruck planchet.

Coins from Lundy were only struck for a few years so mint errors are very hard to find, so try to find another error from Lundy! Any Mint Error News readers who want to sell or trade errors from small countries, please send me an e-mail.

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