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Saul Teichman

Buffalo Nickels on Cent Planchets

One of the things that hinders error collecting, in my opinion, is the lack of knowledge regarding just how rare certain popular collectibles are. In previous editions, I have listed the examples known to me of Shield nickels on cent planchets and Liberty nickels on cent planchets. I have since begun to track at a high level the number of buffalo nickels on cent planchets.

So far, I have seen the following dates.

1918About a half dozen known
1918-SHIM 11/82 sale
1919About a dozen known
1920About 1 dozen known including one 40% off-center ex Rausch-Heritage 8/04, Byers PCGS64BN
1924Federal Brand sale
19251) Weinberg 7/04 Inventory PCGS61BN
2) Byers NGCVG08
192964 ANA
19341) Weinberg 3/02 FPL, Saul Teichman - NGC62BN
2) Rausch-Heritage 8/04, Saul Teichman PCGS63BN
3) Byers 10/04 ANACS63
One of these ex 64 ANA
193681 ANA - XF (mintmark area not on planchet so could be a 36-D)
1936-DB/R 3/02 as ANACS-AU55, Heritage 7/02 now PCGSAU50
1937-SSuperior 9/98 to Tony Terranova - PCGSXF45
No DateSeveral known, Kagins had one well circulated.

Obviously, this list is far from complete. This article is a call to all collectors of these pieces to tell the collecting fraternity just what is out there and possibly to build a condition census of these pieces. If you are willing to participate, please e-mail me and let me know what you have. All names will be kept confidential. The results and possibly the number of pieces out there will be published in a future edition.

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